rambles on ciu sports


once, i had this hermit crab. i loved him a whole lot, and then one day he wouldn’t move and i thought he was dead. i cry for like an hour and then i go in and look at him again and he’s suddenly okay. such a wasted freakout.
that’s a lot like how i feel about tonight.
i will laugh and be happy about this in the morning(which means i should probably sleep now and write tomorrow, but it wouldn’t have the same effect), but for now i’m just really really annoyed.
for those who don’t know, and left before the game ended b/c they all thought we lost(that made me sad. we still did our thank the fans deal even though we ‘lost’ but half of em had left us), we actually won. apparently the team we were originally supposed to play had to forfeit. but they really wanted to play us, since we’re now a legend in this tiny league, so they brought in the best players from the other teams, who were also wanting to play us, and together they killed us. only after this massacre during which a few of us had gotten a little, unhappy, and i had bawled like a baby in front of half the school, did coach tell us that this was technically a scrimmage and we were still on top of the league.
like i said. i will be happy. this is of course a very good thing.
now i’m gonna pull a pulp fiction(is it pulp fiction? it might be kill bill) and tell you the beginning.
remember how i’ve been dying to play more, whether i’d be good or not? well. taking wisdom from britney spears(there’s a sentence i never thought i’d say): be careful what you wish for, cuz you just might get it.
long story short, i really hate starting. but at least i can say i got to try it.
and when it ended and we were all sad and stuff, i marched myself right out on the field, and i made sure to be real nice when i had to say ‘good game’ to the one that played the dirtiest.
i am never ever ever giving up, not until we have a real team with cuts and i don’t make it.


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