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that girl.

i say really often how i love it when i meet really quiet people who are good writers, because i can finally see how they think.
and i realized just now, maybe that’s what some people think of me.
anyone outside of ciu who knows me would laugh at that(i agree, the idea of my being described as ‘the quiet girl’ is pretty ridiculous), but when i force myself to see myself the way everyone here does, it makes sense.
i get told a lot, at least by people who actually know me, that i write just like i talk. i ramble, i insert southern-isms here and there, and i ‘talk loud’ when i get really excited. (i had an english teacher once that told me i had the most unique writer’s voice she had ever read. never found out if she meant it in a good way)
i guess it’s sad that some people don’t know what that means. but, i kind of like having one place where i’m not expected to be the loud one, the funny one, the one filling all the silences. i can listen all i want without anyone commenting on how i’m being quiet.
just a thought.


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