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i am metaphor-less.

so i broke my finger. usually i’m proud of my soccer battle wounds, but this thing is so much worse than the sore muscles or giant bruises i usually walk away with, i haven’t laughed once at this. (okay, i did a little bit when the doctor showed me the x-ray. but that was just because i’d never gotten one before and it was really cool.)
i should be able to pull some life lesson out of this, something to do with such a small thing causing SO. MUCH. pain, or the fact that my broken index finger is taped to my perfectly fine middle finger so that it doesn’t get moved too much.
that last part is the one i really want to work with. but i can’t think of any positive things, only the verse about being unequally yoked(my working finger being held back by the bad one). i don’t think it totally works to compare it to discipleship; the new believer is not half that much of a hindrance to the older one. but it does work a little, since my bad finger can’t properly heal without being attached to the good one, and when the good one is free to move around, it makes the bad one move a little which hurts a lot. it’s not quite like when someone in the church has a problem and the rest of the church has to help them(or do they stone them? i can’t remember) either.
so. while i go find slightly more useful biblical principles so i can write my PAAs, if anyone thinks of a good comparison for this thing, shoot it my way. i’ll cite you and everything.


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