stories about nothing and everything

people, painkillers and paa’s.

1. not that i’m not jumping off the walls ready to go back to camp, but i am NOT at all ready to go through the step of saying goodbye to everyone here first. especially the ones who aren’t coming back. i think, when i was a baby, my concept of object permanence didn’t totally come together. for those who aren’t psych majors and are laughing at how much of a nerd i am, that’s knowing that something still exists when it isn’t in your sight. like if you put a toy in front of a little enough baby, then take it and hold it behind your back, they don’t understand yet that it’s still there so they freak out. i’m like that with people. when i’m away from them, i either miss them all the time, or worse, forget what they mean to me. until we’re together again. but i kind of like it that way. i’m twice as happy to see them as i would be if i were normal.
i guess i’ll never run out of people to miss. i never have everyone i love in the same room.
dang, heaven’s gonna be the best.
well actually…i just thought of something else to write. but it doesn’t belong in this kind of post; it needs more than a little car in one of my trains of thought.
2. i don’t understand why these hard drugs the doctor gave me don’t make my stupid finger stop hurting. i’m a very small person, i should not need to take a double dose to make them work on me! not that i’ve tried that, we have a double header tonight and i can’t afford to risk pulling a heath ledger. but it’s tempting. for real. how can such a little tiny barely visible crack in one knuckle hurt this much?(funnily enough, it does not hurt when i have my goalie gloves on. it gives it the perfect amount of support. i’d rather wear them all day instead of the bulky metal splint they gave me, it’s doing more harm than good[it gets caught on things as i walk past, which pulls my finger around, which hurts like $#!+])
3. i totally forgot that hebrews and james were between the timothy’s and revelation. i had done a really sucky paa using only passages from 1 timothy, but james alone is a gold mine. this just got way easier.(i’m so ready to have my survey classes done with. i’m ready to get into the nitty gritty detailed stuff. like romans. ah maymester, or should i say hell week, i am ready for you.)


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