7: us.

(no, i am not posting regina spektor lyrics, even though i do like that song[but i liked her before i heard it, i was not one of those that watched 500 days of summer and then decided i was a fan].)
rabbit trail over. ANYWAYS.
honestly, i don’t have much to say about the actual game. it wasn’t that exciting(we were never behind and there weren’t many fans, and both us and the other team just weren’t super energetic) but we did play well and as long as we won, it doesn’t matter. and holy CRAP paulina, FOUR goals. so proud. and jamee was on fire to where i didn’t even want to sub for her, because i knew we were better off this way(proved it when i let three goals past in five minutes…but we’re forgetting about that). but this particular game isn’t really where my mind is right now. i mostly can’t stop thinking about our team.
i love us. i love winning together and i love losing together(ok. i don’t love it. we’ll just say i don’t mind it too terribly.) as long as we’re “us”, everything is fine.
when we first started, i saw twelve really really awesome players(and one eager but absolutely crappy wannabe player[me! none of yall who may be reading this. calm down.]) as in, individually, everybody was great. at the beginning, in practices and even in our first games(that freezing cold, pouring rainy day at coker), we were still individuals. not that everyone wasn’t trying to work together. it just took a while to mesh.
tonight, i didn’t see those twelve. i saw one awesome team. while there were some great things that people did on their own, i mostly just saw a whole lot of unity.WE won that game. there wasn’t one person we could give the credit to. it was all of us. and we won it for God. my favorite thing about coach paul is how focused on Christ he is. and he makes sure we’re keeping our priorities straight too.
as we were all in our huddle afterwards, and coach was giving us our usual speech, i looked around the circle and it started really hitting me that we won’t be “us” for very long. sure, about half of us will play again next year, but some of us are leaving. there will never be the same us.(at this point, that and the fact that we just won were all combining and fixing to get me crying real bad, so i stopped thinking)
we have two more games to play together as us. and we are gonna win them, because we have to, because we want it more than any of the others, because we’ve earned it, and because we’ll never all be playing together again, and everyone loves happy endings.
i know i’m not qualified to say this since i’m so soccer retarded, but yall are the best. (yall look more like the guys on tv than all the other teams do) i may not believe in my goalie skills,(cuz that’s like believing in santa claus) but i believe in us. and we CAN do what we did tonight again.
i LOVE you guys and i can’t wait for us to win the league!


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