stories about memories

and down they forgot as up they grew…

beginning of the end is near, that’s why we all are here…
you know i won’t forget you
you know i never could
and when i said i loved you
you know i meant for good.
i’m not listening when you say goodbye.
…strike up the band and play our song, and try hard not to cry…
here’s to the nights we felt alive
here’s to the tears you knew you’d cry
here’s to goodbye
tomorrow’s going to come too soon.
sometimes goodbye is a second chance.
i know you hate this one, but this is where the story ends.
tell me how to fill the space you left behind, and how to laugh instead of cry, and how to say goodbye.
i know i’ll see you again, whether far or soon
but i need you to know that i care
and i miss you.
don’t say anything tonight if you’re gonna say goodbye.
things are changing, it seems strange and i need to figure this out.
as long as we’ve got time, this ain’t goodbye.
just because everything’s changing doesn’t mean it’s never been this way before.
you don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here.
and i won’t ever be the same with you gone.
…and fake a smile as we all say goodbye.



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