stories about camp

if they could see me now…

my friends at camp don’t believe that i’m quiet, usually lonely, and mostly invisible, at school.

my friends at school don’t believe that i’m loud, happy, energetic, slightly obnoxious, undeservedly famous, and loved half to death by everyone who’s had a two minute conversation with me, at camp.

lots of times at camp i’ll find myself wondering what my other friends would think if they knew how i am at camp. i’m not sure if they’d wonder why i’m so different at school, or if they’d be thanking God that i keep myself shut up most of the time(because honestly, in any other context i think my camp self gets on the world’s nerves). i wish so often that they could see that side of me.

and at school, when i’m missing my camp friends, i imagine what they would say if they showed up one day and saw how i am outside of camp. some would be mad at anyone who doesn’t talk to me, some would get all worried and ask me endless questions about why in the world i’m like this, and every one of them would never stop talking about how much all these poor ciu people are missing out on by not knowing who i really am. but mostly they’d just be worried.

it’s funny. i don’t know why any of this is. i’m happy in both places. but they’re so different. i guess it just happened that way.

but i love my life. both ways. =]


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