stories about school

another year.

yes. i’m two weeks late on this. but see, i still haven’t had all of my classes yet(stupid general psych today), so it’s still kinda beginning for me.

i’m being organized. i’m writing more often and about normal things. you know how people write about their life instead of their random thoughts? well i’m bad at that, but i’m gonna try, so that maybe people will read my stuff for once.

i’m excited about this semester. the ciu bowl is still being played as north vs south, we have free laundry, i have the best roommates in the world, i have fun new freshmen friends, and i’m working. yay for money and constantly gross hands!

right now i don’t care about my classes. i really want to, but i don’t. the only thing i’m really motivated for is progress of redemption, and that’s only because it’s online so i can listen to all the lectures i want in a day and finish the class before midterms if i feel like it. and i do really really love Bible for teachers, i just don’t feel like doing all the work for it. i keep falling asleep in psalms, i don’t have enough work for issues in youth culture to keep me occupied, research statistics is hard math, and i haven’t been to gen. psych yet but i have a feeling it won’t be my favorite.

i changed my major; now people can actually guess right when they say “but i swore you were youth ministry!!” and it makes more sense for me than psych anyways, ever since realizing that my heart is too big to work with DSS kids.

well, i’m off to go pretend to listen to dr farra talk about stuff i already know. happy monday…and there are 118 days until Christmas, if anyone wondered. =]


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