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"just be yourself."

sometimes, oh sometimes, i scream that i wanna be anyone but me.

i love joshua radin, and that song. but this line is sad.

i feel sorry for people who don’t love themselves. i don’t mean that i wish everyone had a big head; i actually wish less people had that problem. but i love meeting people who are happy with who they are.

and it annoys me, or maybe that’s too negative of a word, more like…maybe confuses me, when people have a big freakout and say things like “oh crap i don’t know who i am”. well, maybe you’re looking in all the wrong places.

you is a simple concept in my head. you are not [necessarily] who everyone thinks you are. you are not what you look like on the outside. you are not what you force yourself to be when you meet someone for the first time.

the above three categories? i hate all of them in my case. but that doesn’t mean i hate myself, because none of those things has to do with who i really am.

what you are when you aren’t trying, is what you are.

me? i’m just a big surprise. but i love everything about me. and so does everyone who really knows me.

i have a sneaking suspicion that if everybody knew themselves and let people know them, there would be a lot more love in the world. because when you know who a person really is, it’s pretty darn difficult to hate them.

and lately it’s occurred to me: if you’re trying to be someone else, you can’t complain about not knowing what God wants for you. because he does have a big awesome plan for you, but if you aren’t letting yourself be who you are, then you’ll never know what that plan is. it can’t work unless you’re you. God could do whatever work he had in mind in another way, but for your good, he wants you to be it.

just a thought.


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