stories about life and God

an absolutely blessed week.

sunday-started out by skipping church and going to my house instead…but it was okay. i had a really good Jesus time by myself that morning. stayed up until 3ish watching friends and reading the new sisterhood of the traveling pants book instead of doing homework. had nightmares about said book; put the book in the freezer and felt better.(it is TERRIBLE. she fricking ruined my whole outlook on the series. i mean come on. you can NOT just kill off one of the sisters![or have the sister kill herself off, same difference])

monday-i should have done MUCH more homework than i did(and by that i mean i did none until 10 pm), but instead, i went driving(on a REAL road. like with real cars and everything. and i didn’t kill anything! or give my mom a heart attack), hung out with daniel, and once again stayed up super late with scott. i just love surprise “weekends” at home.

tuesday-went back to reality. heard jeremy kingsley in chapel. (as usual he mercilessly stepped all UP on everyone’s toes but in the good way, like not the offensive kind but the inconveniently convicting kind. he is my favorite speaker of all time except for mayyyybe adrien despres OR the upward-inward-outward guy who used to play football) went to class. slept or wrote through most of both of them. sat in ridderhof with scott when we both got out of class and creeped on people while we sort of studied. played frisbee. watched more friends(i am losing all motivation to do anything; this is why i keep my dvds at home half the time!), went running. fixed to go to bed, but as usual jamie started talking to me and so i replied like a normal person, which of course got us talking. until late. i have done the WORST with sleeping this week.

thursday-skipped chapel so i could be first in line to sign up for the beach…lost track of time, hauled it to the caf and still got there too late. but i’m seventh on the waiting list so i’m still kinda praying for a few people to drop out, or maybe for a few others waiting to decide not to go. but only kind of b/c i wouldn’t want anyone to miss that, it’s too much fun. and i guess on the bright side, i get to make money instead of spending it(no need to find subs for work!), and i won’t need to rush all week getting ahead on homework…but i’ll still really miss it. it was the like the best weekend of my life when i went last year.
went to class. zoned through the whole time. saw abi and helen! (i do really miss the people IN youth group, even though i’m still sure that God didn’t want me working there anymore) met up with scott. dragged him along to play frisbee. (my friends love him; he’s REALLY good. i never knew until today.
i played soccer!!!!!!! i had forgotten how much i love it. i miss crawling around in the grass, counting my bruises at the end of the day, that sweet sound of a ball smacking my hands, making people laugh(i may have only played in like three games last year, but i was always good at being comic relief), and just how happy it makes me.

plus all through the week i’ve just had really good conversations with people. and with God. it’s just been a really really good week.

and an SOC for those who have missed them while i’ve had writer’s block the past three weeks:
1. i can’t wait for spring; i’ll get to(or on some days be forced to)play soccer ALL the time, i’m taking the best classes ever so far, it’ll be closer to going back to camp, and there’s the possibility of a really really amazing spring break.
not to say that i don’t love this semester. it’s great and all…i just can’t get myself to focus on any of my classes,
and there’s still SO many new people all over the place(not a bad thing, there’s just so many at once to meet and i haven’t talked to all of them yet).
2. surprisingly, my train of thought ran off the tracks quicker than i figured on. but it’s getting late and i have class at 8…i was gonna try to keep that rhyme going but i’m just too tired. haha.

ps, i am obsessed with pinterest lately. it’s like pieces of flair meets livingsocial, only it’s not on facebook. if you have one, follow me:
if you don’t have one, comment here and ask me to invite you to it. =]


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