stories about camp

so weird.

for about two minutes, just now, i was mentally listing the things i need to do before 4:30 when i head back to camp.
then reality hit me like a train and reminded me that it’s been six weeks. i’m not going back to camp until june.
i wonder if i’m going crazy, or if it’s just that dr crutchfield’s theory about not properly grieving, and how it does things to you, is right. he says you HAVE to cry, and you HAVE to talk about it, and you have to do that as soon as possible.
not that “grieving” is the right word, but i’m one of those people who really really needs closure, with anything. things need to sink in or they mess me up.
maybe i just swept it under the rug too soon this year. maybe i actually NEED to cry and mope for a weekend when i first get back. that’s what i’ve always done before, and it’s always got good and sunk in, and okay with me, that it was over.
why didn’t they tell me that the day we left???


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