stories about nothing and everything

seasons coming and going.

so. my favorite season?
i LOVE fall. it has my favorite colors and weather, and thanksgiving, and the beach trip, and crunchy leaves to step on or jump in, and pumpkin bread, and homemade soup, and north vs south.
i like winter, even though i hate how cold it is. but it has christmas. and christmas cookies, christmas trees, christmas movies, and christmas presents(to give; i never really care what i get). and more homemade soup. and boots and cute sweaters. and four weeks of no school. and more football. and the oscars. and slurpees.
i kinda like spring. the weather drives me nuts because it takes so long to get consistently warm, and there’s pollen evvvvvvvverywhere(i’m not even allergic to it and i still complain about it). but there’s spring break, and ridge haven, and easter, and the end of school, and it means that camp is coming! (that last one is really the only thing i LOVE. the others i love without capital letters)
and summer? i shouldn’t have to tell you about that one. i mean, it starts with a couple weeks of no school, and then for the rest of the time i’m at CAMP, and when i’m not there i’m probably having fun adventures at some staffer’s house, or going places with leighanne, or just getting to really sleep. plus, it’s hot all the time, i’m tan and my highlights come back out, i have my birthday(which i hate but it’s worth mentioning), and i have so much more uninterrupted, unrushed Jesus time than when i have school and everything else in the world to distract me.
so really, i actually just can’t decide between summer and fall, if i really had to answer the question. basically all that up there just shows that i have no season i totally hate.
i’m thankful that God gives us just enough time with each season to get sick of it, so that we’re happy when the next one comes, even if you hate cold weather as much as i do.


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