stories about nothing and everything

the weather was fine and the ocean was great…

1. i just love the ocean. i’d rather have that than a pool any day. i mean, it’s BIG and it MOVES and it has sand under it instead of a hard concrete floor. it’s my God place. i could just stand and look at it all day.
2. i can run two whole miles. i never knew that; i always give up after one, if even that much. but i don’t think about it on the beach. i feel like i talked about this a post or two ago…
3. i can’t really remember how much i wrote in high school. i know i at least wasn’t good at it yet. once i went to csu and lost my voice, the only way i knew how to get my thoughts out was through my fingertips. all my best stuff was written from the deep dark scary pit of crap that is women’s south room 325.
4. last night, i was laying in my bed one foot away from the ceiling, and as i always do when i can’t sleep, i started thinking, and i randomly wondered, how will people remember me when i graduate? the scary and kinda sad thing was that, after i thought and thought, the only honest answer i could think of was: they won’t. if life goes on the same as it has, everyone(except for kyle and jamie and alex) will know only that quiet, slightly awkward girl that they had a class or two with. now that is of course not ME, but it will be what they remember. (ergo, they won’t actually remember me. see a few posts ago where i talk about who people really are)
that bothers me a little bit. but what scares the crap out of me is that i don’t know what to do about it.
5. i need a whole new post for this thought. but it’s a real good one. so wait for it. =]
6. i’ve decided that i have no favorite season.
i’ll write a whole post on this one too.
7. i wanna go to texas just for their weather: super hot all the time, in all seasons, but with 0 humidity. that sounds perfect.


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