stories about school

"i’m so ADD right now."

no. you aren’t. you have no idea what you mean when you say that.

if you have ever been so buried in work that you didn’t do because you have no concept of the difference in “now” and “not now”, and you are trying, actually TRYING with every bit of your brain but you can NOT focus for nothing, and you’re so distracted that all you want to do is cry,
or if you can never sleep because you can’t shut your mind up or lay still for more than ten seconds, or you keep thinking of a hundred things you didn’t do that you could do right now,
then maybe, just maybe, you really are ADD.

but most of you are not. you just say you are because you feel like you need some excuse for the fact that you’re tired, or in a lazy mood. that’s understandable, but for you, you actually CAN make yourself work if you try hard enough or find the right motivation. i can’t. and there lies the difference.

all this to say: stop using that stupid phrase. find some other way to express the fact that you’re unmotivated or slightly distracted.

it’s not cool or funny. it sucks. yes, sometimes(actually most of the time) i personally like it, but i wouldn’t wish it on anyone. and right now it’s making me hate my life, and lose sleep.


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