stories about nothing and everything

progress of redemption, home, fall, he is we, and work, work, work.

1. i know i can’t stand dr layman, and i never do my work for it, and i complain about it ALL the time, but i really do love this class. like, LOVE it like i do hermeneutics and Bible for teachers.
i was never a fan of the old testament until last fall. now progress just adds on to it, because it shows how everything fits into each other and how everything in the new testament happened because of things that happened in the old.
2. if i could drive, i would totally live at home. i mean, i’m 15 minutes away; i could be at school all day if i wanted to, or just leave after classes, i could see my family every day without missing anything fun at school, and without room and board i would pretty almost be going here for free.
3. i can not WAIT for fall break. any way i slice it(chilling at school with the few people cool enough to not go places, and work a whole lot, and get ahead on homework, OR road tripping to virginia to see my grandma and some real old friends i hadn’t seen since 2nd grade), it’ll be so good. i mostly just need a couple days without school. i haven’t hardly breathed all semester.
4. i LOVE he is we. it’s my new cady groves. go listen. it’s good stuff.
5. annnnnd…i don’t wanna go to work…my friday shift is the most boring hour of my life. i just have to keep thinking, italy, italy, italy. each friday brings me $7.25 closer to the $2,000ish i need.


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