stories about memories


i’m watching high school musical 2. (YES, i’m doing my youth min homework at the same time, calm down) as if that isn’t funny enough, it’s on VHS, recorded off of tv when it premiered, so it has all the old commercials and everything too. it’s kinda sad that i was 16 and was so excited allllll summer long for this stupid movie to come on…but it makes me laugh more than anything.
i don’t think i realized, at the time, how simple my life was. my biggest worries were whether i’d have a ride to the next ben lippen game, what movie to sit matthew in front of when i was forced to babysit, what was happening on chuck, and the fact that no one would teach me to drive.
that sounds pretty awesome to me now. but at the time, i’m pretty sure all i did was complain about wanting to be out of the house.
now, i like simple. and if my 20 year old self(side note: i’m 20. just reminding myself. it’s just the weirdest phrase) had come to my 16 year old self and told her what her life would be like when it was not simple anymore, i think 16 year old linda would have liked simple too.
life is backwards. but i’m a fan.


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