stories about life and God

slow as christmas.

if you know me, you know i don’t like to wait. for my easy mac to cook, in the lines for roller coasters, and most definitely for surprises(which is why i like real surprises better; the kind where you have no idea it’s coming, you know).
but worst of all is waiting on God.
well, in a way, it’s the best of all, since if i do it right, i’m never disappointed. anything else can possibly be not as good as i want or expect(and i tend to build things up in my mind a LOT so that happens pretty often), but God? well he VERY rarely gives me what i expect, but it’s always something better. only, of course, if i wait for it. if i rush ahead, do my own thing, and then run back to ask God to fix the mess i’ve made with it, and he does it…it’s never as good as what would have been if i had just given him control in the first place.
when you’re waiting on christmas, it can be a letdown; when you’re waiting in God, it has a 99% possibility of turning out beyond-your-wildest-dreams awesome.
so right now, i’m waiting…but i’m not patiently waiting. i try, but it’s so HARD. and sometimes i feel like God is doing the deal that my mom would use when she sent me to my room as a kid: every time i ask, it means i have to wait longer.
it’ll be okay. he has great plans. i trust him.


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