stories about nothing and everything

____is calling and i must go.

i’ve seen t-shirts that say “the mountains are calling and i must go.”
i’m a beach person. mountains are cold and lonely and isolated and have no cell service and i get SO carsick riding up them. all this to say, i laugh at those shirts.
i don’t know what is calling me. i just want to GO.
i haven’t been anywhere. i’m getting started though: i’ve been to six flags. well, one of them. i plan on hitting the other three someday. but i’ve never been further west than tenessee, or further north than southern pennsylvania. i’ve been as far east and south without leaving america, if that counts for anything(then again, i haven’t been too deep into florida).
but there is SO much that i haven’t seen. i want to go to all the big cities. new york, chicago, LA, vegas, boston, and probably more. i may talk like i’m from the country, but i love love LOVE big cities with pretty lights and transportation that i don’t need to drive myself and big bridges and lots and lots of people everywhere. i’d love to live someplace where i can walk everywhere, order chinese at 3 am, or find good pizza on every corner.
i love the idea of being invisible. i mean, i already am, but this is a different, nicer kind of invisible. see, invisibility is normal and acceptable in new york; no one knows each other. you could talk to a different person on a subway every day and never see them again. no one pretends to know you day after day while making no effort to actually know you. you don’t have to worry about whether you’ll mean anything to anyone you meet. no disappointments. no hurt. just me and Jesus.
but we’re talking about traveling.
i want to go somewhere in texas too, just to say i’ve been there. i feel like i’d love it there. they have perfect weather and much thicker accents than mine.
and that’s just in america. i don’t have a lot of details about where else i need to go; my sister has been everywhere out there, so i figure i can cover all the bases in america before she does. then i’ll get around to the rest of the world.
no one on the food network ever talks about places to eat in south carolina; they’re always in new york, california, or chicago. half the reason i want to go places is because alex guarnaschelli or bobby flay or someone has pointed out an amazing sounding restaurant there.
but for now, the only place i’m going is my bed. i’ll get started on real places when spring break comes around.


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