stories about nothing and everything

i forget how to sleep.

1. joan of arcadia was a good show. i’m watching it while i wait until i get tired or scared enough to go upstairs and get in my bed. i was only twelve when it was new, but when my mom wouldn’t be paying attention(my dad would let me watch anything as long as i didn’t pick up any new words, or figure out how babies were made) i’d watch bits and pieces.
2. web MD does not work. i know because “not being able to keep the days of the week straight” is not an available symptom. it has to correlate with my never being able to sleep, being much more scared of everything than usual, and always being freezing cold, right?
i can’t wait to take abnormal psych.
3. i’ve depended way too much on ciu’s always keeping classes at the same time every spring or every fall, what have you. they kinda messed up my plan. so, i’ll end up 3 credits short of being a legit senior at the end of the year, but i can deal with that. i still have the annoying extra semester any way you slice it, plus this way i’m not killing myself quite so much as i am this semester.
4. i am probably the only person in the world who can go to bed at 6:30 and wake up at 8 the next morning still feeling exhausted. (but that’s still better than not being able to sleep at 2 am when you have to get up in a little over 4 hours)


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