stories about camp

excerpts from the best blog EVER!

TRUTH. i got my mickey mouse towel from camp.(only i was a camper; someone had left it the week before and my cabin leader let me have it) and we all love hope’s wizards of waverly place one.

i do bruise easier than a rotting peach…but i also don’t shower very often(AT CAMP we’re talking). it’s harder to tell than you would think.

i just really love that this is number 15, since my birthday is on the 15th, of july, and it’s something like christmas.

we ALL know what i’m thinking of for us la vida people…

i beg to differ; the experienced, in-the-know people carry bug spray everywhere. though actually i usually forget about it or don’t have the time to use it.

i don’t have a tumblr because my tyrannical school blocked it, but my blogger name did come from camp.(well the linder did. the ciu is obviously my school, and the 13 is when i’ll graduate)

see the dirt and bruises one. me and kathleen know all about this.

correction: lights out is when the girls are done with showers(which is rarely much before actual lights out anyways). unless you’re all having fun, nobody’s homesick, nobody’s killing each other, nobody’s annoying you; then you get to have fun when showers are over. you might even stay up a liiiiitle bit past lights out…but i’ve only ever done that with two groups. it’s pretty rare that you love a whole group so much that you don’t want them to go to bed.

 we all know it’s true. the annoying ones are usually the ones who think they’re the awesome ones; the awesome ones usually think they’re somewhere in between; and the somewhere in betweens usually don’t think about what anyone thinks of them.

my opinion since 7th grade.

can, and do.

this is why i hate going home on weekends.

why i can take acteens in small doses.

oh yes. i say “everyone should be able to walk as fast as me, or as slow as me.” the little ones always look at me funny when i say that; the older ones laugh.

the staff reunion is the happiest time of the year for me, aside from the actual summer.

if you could see us on weekends…

if my campers ever sing the moose song, it’s never because i taught it to them.


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