stories about school

running on empty.

i need about the same amount of sleep as a newborn baby. yes, about 16 hours. i would enjoy that.
when i don’t sleep for a long time, i get a headache first. then i stop getting hungry, so i forget to eat, which increases the headache and adds in dizziness and i start hot flashing like a 40 year old woman. then someone reminds me that i should eat, so i eat, but when i eat on sleep deprivation, i get dehydrated and sick.
normally the cycle stops pretty soon, because i usually get a chance to sleep by the next night or so. but i’ve been going like this since tuesday.
but on the happy side: i’ve had three amazing fun nights in a row(tell me when THAT happened since last september), and will have a fourth tomorrow, and i’m getting some of that coveted sleep in…now.
i’m thankful for grace. from God, from my teachers, and scott’s best friend’s dog whose name is grace.


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