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christmas presents.

i have more christmas spirit than santa himself. i LOVE to give presents. gifts aren’t my receiving love language but it’s my number two for giving(words are the first, which is funny because that’s definitely not my receiving either).
i love picking out exactly what someone wants or making really personal things.
i hate giving gift cards unless someone specifically asks for one, just because i love giving special gifts, and a gift card is what you give to a cousin that you see once a year and hardly know.
i love trying to keep things secret(if you ever guess what i’m giving you, don’t let me know it, i get real sad), and i love love love wrapping them. i used to always know what everyone in my family is getting, because my mom puts off wrapping and i get impatient so i’d offer to do it for her.

matthew is like that too. though he’s still a huge fan of getting presents, he really thinks about what people will want. one year when he was four or five, my mom asked him what he wanted to give his sunday school teacher(we were those kids that always gave our teachers a gift), and he says “i think she’d like a watch. i noticed she never wears one.” i don’t think he ended up actually getting her one, but the idea was precious.
even if his present to me is something homemade that anyone else would think was tacky, i always like it because he gets so excited about whether i’ll like it and thinks really hard about what i’ll want. a couple years ago, since he knows i love cute socks, he got me a pair with christmas-y penguins on them, and the second i open them, he goes:
“PENGUIN SOCKS! do you like em? do you LOVE EM? i know you like socks and i knew you didn’t have any with penguins on them and i just knew you would really really want em! GIVE ME A HUG!”
he was a little more excited than i was, cuz let’s face it they’re just socks, but it really is the thought that counts. if i had gotten them from a random person i would probably think they were impersonal and cheap, but when little bitty six year old matthew thinks long and hard and is so happy to give them to me, i can’t help but love them.

i’m usually the first in my family to finish christmas shopping(because i start making a list around august), but thanks to school, i haven’t even started this year. i’ve been writing ideas in the sides of my notes when i’m in class, so as soon as i get home on december 16th, i am so ready.
yall. christmas is 17 days away!!!!!!


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