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God and angry birds.

right now i’m stuck on level 5-1. if anyone knows how to win it, don’t tell me; i’m trying to beat it on my own for once. i usually end up consulting youtube walkthroughs.
i keep saying that they aren’t giving me enough birds, or the right birds(i mean seriously! i have two red birds, a yellow one, and the white one that drops bombs then disappears. i can NOT knock out this many boulders without some black birds!!!)
then i started to think and i realized we say that about God a lot.
not about him not giving us enough birds. but with other things.
think of something God asks you to do. unlike in angry birds, he may not immediately show you exactly what you need to do, but sometimes he will. like angry birds, he gives you tools. he won’t always show you how to use them. and most of the time, you probably feel like you don’t have quite what you need.
if i had just had THIS gift.
if THIS person were only here to help me.
i don’t have enough time. i don’t have enough money. i don’t have enough this and that, blah blah blah. we make all the excuses in the world and blame it all on God calling us to something we can’t do.
but if we set out and really try, we’ll see that he’s given us exactly what we needed to do it.
as i would always tell my campers when we did the Bible study about jeremiah a couple years ago, “why would God choose someone to do something for him if they couldn’t do it? he wants it to get done! that would be stupid, and God isn’t stupid.”
if only the same were true of angry birds; maybe someone else can beat this, but I sure can’t. =p


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