just a thought.


i don’t like to stay in one place for very long.
if you’ve ever sat in a room with me, like with a bunch of people just talking, you’ve probably noticed i switch places so often that i sit in pretty much every possible spot in the room within an hour.
if you’re in any classes with me, you probably know i move around at my desk a lot(the only downer to sitting in the front row: i’m probably super distracting to everybody else)
and i love running, but i don’t like to run laps around anything. i don’t see the point. i’m not going anywhere. i think it tires me out faster because i’m so bored and all my head has to concentrate on is exhaustion. i can run for miles on the beach or in the woods without even thinking, because it’s taking me someplace.
i hate the idea of going nowhere. i love to go places. as long as i’m free to come back to where i started eventually.
that last condition is probably why i never get very far. i think i’m afraid i wouldn’t be able to find my way back.


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