stories about nothing and everything


1. i bruise easier than anyone i know. i almost always have one somewhere on me, and most of the time i don’t know where they’ve come from, or notice them until someone points it out to me. during soccer season, my knees are permanently purple from falling on them every day.
2. if he were ten years younger, and real, i would marry ted mosby in a heartbeat.
3. i have the smallest feet of all my friends, and probably of my whole hall. it works out because if i have a camper that forgot camp appropriate shoes, they can usually fit into my extra ones.
4. i think of tv shows like books; it just isn’t right to pick them up in the middle. i HAVE to start from the beginning, and if i like it, i can’t put it down. i can watch an entire series in a week, maybe two, depending on how many seasons. for instance, how i met your mother: this is the fifth day i’ve been watching it, and i just finished season 3 this morning.(in my defense, i always read a book while i’m watching tv. i can’t concentrate on either without the other. so i really have some semblance of a life here)
5. i always give a fake name when i say my order at starbucks or chick fil a. usually a celebrity, but sometimes someone i miss. i’ve been leighanne a lot. it started when the guy at java city asked for my name when i was the only one in the store, and i was annoyed so i said “betty white of course” and he wrote it down without question. from then on he’d always ask my name just to see what i’d say, even if there wasn’t a crowd, and if i used one i’d already given, he’d tell me to be something else.
now that i think of it, i kinda miss him.
6. i drink about a gallon of water a day, no exaggeration. it’s not so much that i get thirsty as i just a)like water and b)get bored and my first thought for some reason is to get a glass of water.
7. my favorite states in no particular order are south carolina, new york and mississippi. sc because camp is here, new york because it has the coolest city, and mississippi because i like to spell it. and say it.


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