66 days!

there is one thing i am more excited about than anything else for the gonna-the-most-amazing-ever spring break: PIZZA.
i love pizza. more than is probably healthy. pizza makes me happy. i could eat it every day(and at csu (on good weeks, when i ate every day), i did eat it every day) and still want more of it. i watch any food network show that happens to be talking about it. i put mozzarella and pepperoni in my scrambled eggs. i want to go to italy and do nothing but eat pizza for days on end. mystic pizza is one of my favorite movies just because it makes me want more pizza. it is the only good thing, besides time with God, that there will never be too much of.
and it’s a testimony to the crappiness of ciu’s food that i hate their pizza so much that i can’t eat it.
the whole purpose of our break is the two days in new york, but i’m almost as excited about having a two hour layover in chicago on my way home. i get to go to both pizza capitals of the country within a few days of each other!! absolute heaven.

You Are a Detroit Pizza

You are comfortable around others. You are equally at ease with strangers and friends.

You are outgoing and easy to get along with. You are very congenial.

People admire your courage and determination. You are nervy and undaunted.

You are a square peg, but you never try to fit in with all the round pegs. You’re happy being square.

funny. i always think of the chicago vs new york debate, i never think of other big cities that have famous pizza.

Your Pizza Says You Like Many Foods

You have a hearty appetite. You are likely to complain if a restaurant has small portions.

You consider pizza to be bread… very good bread. You fit in best in the Midwest part of the US.

You like food that’s traditional and well crafted. You aren’t impressed with “gourmet” foods.

You are generous, outgoing, and considerate with your choices.

You are deep and thoughtful. You should consider traveling to Paris.

The stereotype that best fits you is geek. You’re the type most likely to order pizza to avoid leaving your computer.


You Are Pepperoni Pizza

Robust and dominant.

When you go for something, you go full force.

You tend to take control of situations easily.

And in return, you get everyone’s respect.


^^^well. pepperoni is my favorite, but i’m nothing like its supposed personality.

Your Pizza Says You Like Traditional Foods

You love the food you grew up eating, and it’s mostly what you still eat.

You don’t go for a big variety of foods. You just have a few favorites you stick to.

Pizza Topping You Should Try: Sausage or Canadian bacon

Stay away from: Anything you can’t pronounce


You Are Extra Cheese

You are outgoing and friendly. You like to have a good time, and you’ll indulge your desires.

You are very comforting and understanding. Your friends know they can always turn to you for empathy.

You are well adjusted and comfortable in your own skin. You know what you like, and you’re not trying to impress anybody.

You are good at finding what you love, and when you do, you aren’t likely to change your ways.


^^^YES. all of it.

all that to say: spring break. all the pizza.
but besides that, i also get to…
ride a subway,
go to the nbc store,
see times square,
take a picture by the wall street/broadway sign,
walk in central park,
then fly on a plane. which is terrifying me more and more as it gets closer, but whatever. i can say i’ve done it.


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