stories about nothing and everything

little perks.

why ADD is a beautiful thing.

1. i forgive easier than most people.
because i forget what you did to me, or why i cared about it. and also because you can distract me so easily with a hug.

2. i can think of witty replies at the drop of a hat.
my brain flies so fast and in such random directions, i usually make myself laugh with them too.

3. i never need caffeine.
i’m never tired(at least not mentally). but sometimes i use it to help me go to sleep. once i got addicted to where i couldn’t calm down and go to sleep without drinking dr pepper.

4. i can multitask like no other.
in fact it’s the only way i know how to function. and none of those tasks gets done well cuz i switch from one to the other so often, but still. i’m multitasking.

5. i’m not scared easily.
i can easily be distracted from whatever it is that’s scaring me. (when i have to fly on spring break, i’m banking on meeting a really interesting stranger to talk to the whole time, i’m already panicking and i’m still two months away from being on the plane)

6. i’m extremely loyal.
i get into routines and get ridiculously anxious when i break them, so i’ll stay friends with the same people for years no matter how awful they are to me, just because i can’t do change.

7. i don’t get bored.
actually i get bored really fast; but it doesn’t last long because something else catches my attention so quick that i don’t even remember being bored with the first thing.


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