stories about life and God

on the existence of MOGs.

read this before you read my thoughts. the post from september 23.

i’m guilty of the exact same thing. i run my mouth all day long about how much i hate guys(who aren’t my brothers or kyle)because they’re all pigs, and the ones who aren’t pigs are pussies because they’re too scared or proud to admit that they like us. then in the same breath i whine about the fact that i don’t have one.
poor things. they must all be scared to death of us.
maybe that’s because we’re always talking about how all guys are pigs, so they’re afraid they might not be able to prove us wrong. the good ones are out there…we’ve just sent them into hiding.
which sucks. on their part and ours.
i blame us more than them though.
i’m sorry.


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