stories about nothing and everything

little things that are big deals.

or “how to make linda super anxious and want to hit someone”.

1. when people sit on, set things on, lie in, or just plain touch, my bed.
don’t even ask. just stop it. most of the time i’ll get too freaked out to even yell at you.
2. writing on chalkboards.
even when the chalk isn’t squeaking, it’s still just not a nice sound.
3. not having something in my hands.
i just don’t know what to do with myself. whether i’m having a normal conversation, or i’m sitting in philosophy praying i don’t get called on, i just can’t not be playing with something. (ever since i got my new phone it’s gotten to where i specifically need to have that in my hand. i flip it open and closed all day long. it doesn’t have to be on; i just need to have it)
4. being in between two conversations in the caf.
you know what i mean; we’ve all been that person at the awkward spot in the table where there’s a conversation going on on either side of you, and you don’t know which to listen to, or if you should join either one, or if either even notices that you’re there.
5.when people overpronounce their t or ch sounds.
hate it. it makes my eyes tear.
6. slamming doors.
it sounds mean and angry. what did the door ever do to you?

you know, i sound really negative and high maintenance and i don’t like it. so i’m gonna make a second half to this list, only with GOOD little things that are also big deals.

1. running into a camper.
even if they weren’t in my cabin. any piece of camp that makes a spontaneous appearance in my life makes me really happy for a little while. but after what’s known as the emily debacle(one of my best camp-related stories ever; ask me for it if you want. it just isn’t funny written down), i don’t talk to them unless they recognize me on their own.
2. when people remember my name.
not that it’s hard to mix up(there aren’t a lot of lindas under the age of 50; i’m special).
3. getting mail at school.
it’s great at camp, but i get it all the time at camp. i NEVER get mail at school that isn’t quizzes, boring school newsletters, etc.
4. good chapel speakers.
well, most of them are good; so i should say extraordinary ones. especially when i don’t expect them, or on a day where i felt like skipping but went anyway.
5. hugs.
nothing new; this is among the first things people learn about me.
6. seeing the number 56 in any random place.


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