stories about school

a maybe really great semester.

or maybe painfully boring.
but that’s a small maybe.
this was the best first week of classes i’ve ever had. (although first week of fall 2010 is maybe tied…i was doing fun things all the time plus loving my classes. but i didn’t like them as much as i do this semester, so they even out)
i LOVE my classes. this is the best schedule i’ve ever had. after 18 credits near killed me last semester, i got totally lazy and went down to 12. but i actually love it. the four classes i have are all a good amount of work(except for one), and they’re all spaced out perfectly to where i shouldn’t need any all nighters or weekends where i can’t afford to take a break and have fun.

even though it’s not super hard, i’m gonna learn so much from every one. i don’t have any that i’m complaining about or really don’t want to take. ironically, the one i’m least excited about is a youth min class.
being me, i’ll find any amount of school hard, so i don’t think i’ll mind it after a while.
and in most of my classes, i don’t know many people. yay new friends!
on top of it all, in a week, i’ll have soccer. i MISS soccer. i got to play for a little bit the other day and now i’m so excited for the season to start. i’m really gonna miss coach paul…but our new coach is supposedly awesome.
and biggest blessing of the whole week, actually probably of all my 2 and a half college years: i found out my student insurance will pay for my ADD drugs! i’m finally gonna sit still in class and be able to listen. consistently and without trying, that is. (this is like a farsighted person getting glasses; it’s possible to get along without them, but it’s a pain) very much an answer to prayer.
i’m thankful for my life right now. =]


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