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it shouldn’t be like this.

i love postsecret. i think it’s beautiful. (plus it’s like free therapy! seeing someone else who has the same crap in their life, and also doesn’t know what to do about it, is surprisingly comforting. you should try it)
scott hates it. he says it’s emo and scary and weird.
i think it’s judgmental people like him that make the people who have these secrets, keep them secret.
while i love the whole idea for the site, i wish it weren’t necessary. if people were able to share their hurts with real people who loved them and listened to them and took them seriously, they wouldn’t need to send them to a stranger in maryland.

where did this idea of everyone having to appear perfect and happy all the time come from? was it always like that? or was there a time way back in history when people were able to be real?
oh. actually i just answered my own question. of course there wasn’t. in the Bible you see hypocrites and judgy-von-holier-than-thou’s all over the place. they probably made a lot of people hide too.
but Jesus loved the ones that everybody else was pointing fingers at. the kind of people that send stuff to postsecret are the kind Jesus would be eating dinner with.
i read these secrets religiously(wording it that way makes me laugh because they post new ones every sunday). almost every week, there’s at least one that i look at and think, that’s my secret too. and i wish i were brave enough to have sent it myself. then again, most of the time theirs are more artsy than mine would have been too, so i’m semi glad they were the one to send it.

people should be allowed to be real. but most of us aren’t. we’re afraid we’ll be judged, gossiped about, or that no one cares enough to wonder whether they know the real you so you may as well keep pretending to be what everyone thinks you are.
we feel like we need to make everything look easy, like we have everything under control. but none of us are george lopez.* we have not “got this.” we don’t even know how to get this. most of us don’t even know what we’re trying to get. but we’re afraid of what might happen if we admitted this.
i don’t think any of us are “okay”. and i think it’s okay to not be okay. that’s what God gave us each other for. we’re supposed to help carry each other’s burdens. instead we’re afraid of them(our own and each other’s). that, is NOT okay.
i’m not sure that scott knows what TWLOHA is, but i’m sure he would think that was “scary and emo and weird” too. i love what they do as much as i love postsecret. you should check them out too.
the gist of all this rambling? i wish everyone would be real. it would start a whole chain reaction of love and empathy and getting better. because it’s easy to be real around other real people.
i know better than to share deep dark ones where the whole world can see them, but these are some of “my” less-serious-but-still-true secrets(the quotey marks meaning other people sent them in but they’re true about me).

*(just for the record, i can’t stand george lopez. but the catchphrase fit)


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