just a thought.

words we speak.

words of affirmation is not my receiving love language. i don’t believe them. words are my number one hurt language, if that’s a thing.(as in, people can most easily hurt me by using their words)
but i LOVE to give nice words. and i mean them. i think really hard and write like three versions before i actually give people an encouraging note.
i don’t like it when people complain that i’m quiet, because at least i make it count when i do talk.
“how are you” is my least favorite question ever. because most people don’t mean it. but i do mean it, when i ask it(which isn’t often), and most people assume that no one means it, so i get the usual goodhowareyou all in one breath, when i actually want a real answer.(if i really want to know, i say it like “how are you”, so the emphasis kind of makes them want to be more elaborate then just “good”)
last year, my small group did a challenge where we tried to go a week without complaining. all of us failed. i wonder what would happen if we tried to go a week without saying anything we don’t mean?
the hawk nelson song in the title doesn’t actually go with what i’m saying, i just realized…but i like it.


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