stories about nothing and everything

a short, simple, happy rant that you are free to skip on past.

i am excited about life.
i’m ENJOYING school. i’m doing GOOD in school. i’m like a week AHEAD in school. school is just wonderful right now…and it hasn’t been for a very long time.
soccer starts in five days. or semi-starts…a meeting to figure out practices counts to me as starting. WE’RE GONNA BE A TEAM AGAIN!!!!!!!! i miss having people who otherwise wouldn’t know my name talking about how awesome i am…if i have to be known as the really little goalie, so be it. at least they know me.
the super bowl and the oscars are coming up.
i got another shift in the caf.
we have a REAL library.
i re-remembered how to solve my rubik’s cube.
i go to the best school with the best friends and the best teachers.
and i’m gonna be okay.
i’m happy to be happy. =]


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