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books! focus! windows! coffee!

i’m moving into the library. i wonder if this will this save me anything on room and board? ; ]
but seriously. i only ever used the book barn when i absolutely needed to, like for commentaries and word study books and stuff for my Bible classes. i hate being anywhere where there are no windows. plus it was always really hot in there, and it was so crowded, and it looked more like a warehouse than a library…i could go on.
then this morning, i went to the real library and found that it’s not only the best place in the world to people-watch(there are windows EVERYWHERE), but it’s also got this hyperproductive, unltramotivating force in it that makes homework much easier. it’s quiet and cozy and doesn’t echo like the book barn, so if i’m talking to someone, i don’t feel like everyone in the building is listening.
it smells like books and coffee in there. the book barn smelled like metal and weird carpet. if you don’t know about my love of book-smelling, read this. it’s one of my favorite rants.(the best thing about ADD is forgetting what i write. so when i go back and read them, it’s like i’m reading someone else’s work, making it not self-involved to think that it’s awesome) but i had a slight change of heart when it comes to my thoughts on the kindle…so disregard everything i said there. except i do really like seeing all my books on a shelf. that part is still true.
anyways. it’s much easier to focus when i’m in a big open space, with windows and natural light. (i will never work in a cubicle for this reason)
plus they have beanbags. if i get sick of sitting in a chair, i have an alternative besides going all the way to founders basement(which freaks me out to be in alone).
all this to say: i am a fan. this is gonna be a good semester. =]


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