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a textbook esfp.

i’ve taken myers-briggs six times since freshman year. my first time i was an ENFP but when we learned about each letter i decided the N should be an S(i was 45% S and 55% N, a very slight difference anyways) and sure enough, the next semester when i had to take the test again for a different class, that was just what i got.
the other day i took it yet again just because i was bored(go here if you want to take it for free!). i googled ESFP so i could read exactly what it meant, and whoever wrote the page i clicked on must have just walked in my brain one day and copied her findings down. it is the most frighteningly accurate description of how my mind works that i’ve ever read.

ESFPs live in the world of people possibilities. They love people and new experiences. They are lively and fun, and enjoy being the center of attention. They live in the here-and-now, and relish excitement and drama in their lives. 
yes. yes. yes. as long as there are people around me, and new things to try, i will never be bored. and i don’t like to think about what comes next; what’s going on right this minute is much more interesting.

ESFPs have very strong inter-personal skills, and may find themselves in the role of the peacemaker frequently. Since they make decisions by using their personal values, they are usually very sympathetic and concerned for other people’s well-being. They’re usually quite generous and warm. They are very observant about other people, and seem to sense what is wrong with someone before others might, responding warmly with a solution to a practical need. They might not be the best advice-givers in the world, because they dislike theory and future-planning, but they are great for giving practical care.

i am never the advice person. people confide in me because i’ll listen for hours, and i give great hugs. but i never have answers. 
i am ALWAYS the one trying to get everyone to get along; this is why camp drama hurts me so much. i love everyone and everyone loves me, but when the people i love don’t love each other, i have to try to fix things. 
i can almost always tell when someone has a problem. i don’t know what it is, but this is probably why i let people be mean to me. i know there’s a reason why they’re that way.

ESFP is definitely a spontaneous, optimistic individual. They love to have fun. If the ESFP has not developed their Thinking side by giving consideration to rational thought processing, they tend to become over-indulgent, and place more importance on immediate sensation and gratification than on their duties and obligations. They may also avoid looking at long-term consequences of their actions.   

i don’t LIKE to think about the homework and sleep i’ll be missing if i go to waffle house at 2 am; i just DO things. and when the long-term consequence happens, i DO something about that. i think about one thing at a time, all the time.

For the ESFP, the entire world is a stage. They love to be the center of attention and perform for people. They’re constantly putting on a show for others to entertain them and make them happy. They enjoy stimulating other people’s senses, and are extremely good at it. They would love nothing more than for life to be a continual party, in which they play the role of the fun-loving host.   

if i’m not making people laugh, i’m doing something wrong. even though in a lot of ways i hate being the center of attention(like when they make us introduce ourselves the first day of classes, it makes me want to cry. seriously), but i hate to go through life unnoticed. you have to recognize that i’m in the room.

ESFPs love people, and everybody loves an ESFP. One of their greatest gifts is their general acceptance of everyone. They are upbeat and enthusiastic, and genuinely like almost everybody. An ESFP is unfailingly warm and generous with their friends, and they generally treat everyone as a friend. However, once crossed, an ESFP is likely to make a very strong and stubborn judgment against the person who crossed them. They are capable of deep dislike in such a situation.   

this is the part that is most true about me, and the one i like the best. i really do like everybody. and the people i don’t like, i liked when i first met them and then they changed my mind.(i really can’t think of anyone at the moment who i instantly didn’t like) if i’ve met you, and we aren’t friends, i probably wish we were.

The ESFP, under a great deal of stress, gets overwhelmed with negatives thoughts and possibilities. As an optimistic individual who lives in the world of possibilities, negative possibilities do not sit well with them. In an effort to combat these thoughts, they’re likely to come up with simple, global statements to explain away the problem. These simplistic explanations may or may not truly get to the nature of the issue, but they serve the ESFP well by allowing them to get over it.  

i love imagining, but i don’t like when the most likely is something bad. that makes it harder to imagine good things.

ESFPs are likely to be very practical, although they hate structure and routine. They like to “go with the flow”, trusting in their ability to improvise in any situation presented to them. They learn best with “hands-on” experience, rather than by studying a book. They’re uncomfortable with theory. If an ESFP hasn’t developed their intuitive side, they may tend to avoid situations which involve a lot of theoretical thinking, or which are complex and ambiguous. For this reason, an ESFP may have difficulty in school. On the other hand, the ESFP does extremely well in situations where they’re allowed to learn by interacting with others, or in which they “learn by doing”.   

i love reading, but i hate doing it for school. this is why i love youth min classes, they’re more experience-based than books-and-papers-based. and i hate abstract, deep thinking classes(i’ve put off theology for a long time). i just don’t get them. but i love when dr gentry or olshine puts us in groups and has us talk together. all teachers should be more like them.

ESFPs have a very well-developed appreciation for aesthetic beauty, and an excellent sense of space and function. If they have the means, they’re likely to have to have many beautiful possessions, and an artfully furnished home. In general, they take great pleasure in objects of aesthetic beauty. They’re likely to have a strong appreciation for the finer things in life, such as good food and good wine. 

ok, this one i laughed at. hard. i do like good food…but i’d rather watch shows about it than actually make it or shell out the huge amounts of money to eat it. i hate decorating, i like simple things, and am the most disorganized person you’ll ever meet(and i like it that way, it’s not that i wish i had an “artfully furnished home” but don’t have the motivation; it’s that i LIKE the mess. it makes the room look lived in). that up there is not at all like me…but i’ve never fit perfectly into any one box. i’m a unique and beautiful snowflake. =]

The ESFP is a great team player. He or she is not likely to create any problems or fuss, and is likely to create the most fun environment possible for getting the task done. ESFPs will do best in careers in which they are able to use their excellent people skills, along with their abilities to meld ideas into structured formats. Since they are fast-paced individuals who like new experiences, they should choose careers which offer or require a lot of diversity, as well as people skills. 

yes. i’m the easiest person in the world to work with(or go to carowinds with, or do anything involving decision-making), since i like spontaneously changing plans, and i make everyone laugh the whole time. ask erin and jenna.

ESFPs usually like to feel strongly bonded with other people, and have a connection with animals and small children that is not found in most other types. They’re likely to have a strong appreciation for the beauties of nature as well. 

so this is why i like puppies and babies and being outside all the time.

The ESFP has a tremendous love for life, and knows how to have fun. They like to bring others along on their fun-rides, and are typically a lot of fun to be with. They’re flexible, adaptable, genuinely interested in people, and usually kindhearted. They have a special ability to get a lot of fun out of life, but they need to watch out for the pitfalls associated with living entirely in the moment.   

1. of course i love life, it’s big and exciting. who gets bored with it? but it’s better with company.if there were no people in life i wouldn’t like it very much. 
2. it sounds contradictory to say how much i hate change but i also hate routine…but it’s true. i don’t mind mixing up my plans if they aren’t serious. i go with the flow. 
3. i can make anything fun. like, anything anything. i really do put the fun in funeral(learned from experience). =] working in the dish pit, cleaning the dining hall at camp, anything else that most people hate, i see as a challenge to find a way to enjoy it. 
4. of course i’m fun to be with! have you not met me?

and then there are bad things about me too that totally fit with it.
-may be frivolous with money(if i have money, i will spend it. this annoys me a lot)
-extreme dislike of criticism, likely to take things very personally(i hate getting papers back for this very reason. even if i get a 95, i zero in on the one little thing i did wrong and i get defensive and think about it for hours)
-likely to ignore or escape conflict situations rather than face them(that’s just good sense most of the time. there are few things that actually NEED to be a big deal. sweeping things under the rug is the only way i’ve ever had friends. it works)
-don’t pay enough attention to their own needs(people are ALWAYS telling me this. but i’d way rather take care of other people, and i don’t need very much anyways)

i LOVE finding out other people’s types. love languages, personality types, spiritual gifts, anything that explains why you are how you are, i like knowing. understanding people makes it easier to love them.(just another reason why i love postsecret so much) 


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