stories about school

hurry up weekend.

usually when i say that, i mean “hurry up and get here”. but so far this semester, i’ve said it every week and meant “hurry up and get over!” i really love my classes that much.
especially on thursdays, i get really sad knowing i have to wait five days to go to my favorite classes again. for once in my life i’m not looking forward to prayer day, only because i have a whole week to wait this time.
and now, i have the best reason in the world to wish it’d be monday: SOCCER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh my goodness for real. i miss our fans. i miss the extra inch of height from my cleats(still haven’t found those…), walking into the caf after practice with a bunch of the team. in a sick sort of way i’ve really missed getting hit. i miss being good at something. well, okay at something. everyone gives me way more credit than i deserve. not that i mind it; being semi-famous on campus for once gives me more motivation to be better.
as far as i know i’m the only goalie we’ve got this year…i’m excited to get to play more, terrified out of my mind to have twice the pressure on me and no backup to clean up my mess, and really wondering how practices will work…i don’t know how to train on my own. i can’t really throw and catch with the air. i had better not have to waste tons of time trying to kick the ball and figure out confusing drills and then get my only practice out of scrimmaging. i’ll be sad…plus we’ll lose all the time. we’re gonna need a bigger boat…or a second goalie.
i’ve missed coach paul a lot even when we haven’t been playing, but now it’s gonna be really hard getting used to someone new. not that i haven’t heard great things about the new one, but you know how i hate change. thankfully i love new people too, so it all cancels out. =]
90 hours and 45 minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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