stories about nothing and everything

insignificant confessions.

1. i am terrified of the dark. right now my roommates are gone for the weekend, and i am totally sleeping with the lights on.(the one thing i miss about csu is being able to sleep with the tv on. but we have no cable in our rooms here)
2. i also hate being alone, especially sleeping alone…whether or not it’s in the dark.(it doesn’t help that our door doesn’t lock from the inside)
3. i have never seen the lion king.
4. i eat the cereal part of lucky charms first, then i eat all the marshmallows. i’ve done this since i was a little kid and it still makes sense to me.
5. eating around other people makes me feel fat.
6. i cannot sleep without noise. a ceiling fan, a tv, an air conditioner, anything but snoring. thunderstorms are my favorites.
7. whenever i meet new people i always dream about them that night or soon after, unless i’ve met a ton at once(like the first day of camp or during welcome week). that’s probably creepy…ah well. =]
8. i can’t cross my arms with the right one on top.
9. i love wearing other people’s hoodies.
10. despite all the other things i have to worry about at school, my biggest fear every day is eating in the caf, and walking into chapel. both for the same reason, but the caf is much worse than chapel.
11. i have to have something in my hands at all times or else i can’t talk.


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