stories about life and God

little answers to prayer.

if you want some of my more profound thoughts, none of those are in here; try here instead.
if you want camp stories, well i moved those to my other blog months ago, silly.
if you want a funny story about how God works in even the tiny things, read on.

so, since early october, i’ve been searching for my soccer cleats.
i looked in my room at home, my room at school, my brother’s old room where all the family’s junk goes…everywhere.
like with most things that i think about too much, i started having hilariously weird dreams about them. my favorite was when me and jenna went to all my old neighbor’s houses and broke into their garages, and looked through all the boxes we found. we laughed about the random stuff they had, and talked about camp, and were exactly like we would be if we were ever really in this situation, and never found my cleats…but just like in real life, even if we don’t get anything done, we have fun.
i asked God, even though it wasn’t as important as world hunger and people going to hell, if he could maybe let me find them, or find someone at ciu with freakishly small feet(i wear a size 5…) to lend me some.
i’ve apparently been talking a lot about my poor lost cleats and my crazy melatonin-induced dreams, because this morning my mom told me she dreamed about finding them last night. in the most obvious place: one of my boxes from sophomore year that i took home and never opened again.
well, lo and behold, she digs deep into all the junk in daniel’s room, and just like she dreamed, there they were.
so all this to say: tomorrow is our first practice. i finally have my cleats. it’s gonna be a good season.
thanks God. =]


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