stories about life and God

why don’t we listen like that?

does anyone remember joan of arcadia? that show on CBS a long long time ago(wow, it’s been NINE years since i was in seventh grade? holy mess.) where God shows up and tells this high school girl to do things?
my parents loved it. i would watch it when i could, in other words when my dad would let me; my mom thought i shouldn’t.
that show gave me a lot of bad dreams now that i think of it. like pretty much every episode. see, it came on at 9 and my bedtime was 945, so it was usually getting up to the most intense part when i had to stop, so i’d go to bed wondering how it ended. i’d always ask what happened the second i got up the next day, and sometimes my mom wouldn’t have caught the end so i’d have her ask my dad when he called at lunch time.


i took tv really seriously back then(giving my mom reasonable worry about letting me watch it) and started wondering why God didn’t just come to all of us like normal people.
in a small way, i’m still curious.

joan doesn’t even believe in God until he first appears, but she still does what he says. every time she has her doubts and asks all kinds of questions, but she always does it.
i don’t do that.
i ask. i complain. i make excuses. i suggest better people. and then sometimes, even after all that, i don’t do whatever it was he was asking.
if i do, it’s probably not the same as if i had just listened in the first place.

not that the show is the most accurate example of how God really works. he doesn’t really show up that obviously, give us that explicit orders, or tell us, after we’ve obeyed, what would have happened had we not.
though i’ll admit that would be pretty nice. ;]
i think the show makes things too easy. it puts God in a box. we need a lot more faith than joan does. i don’t think i’d be very impressed with God if i were in joan’s situation.
but besides that, a clean, decently entertaining show about a nice, not-overly-dysfunctional family who gets along most of the time is a refreshing break from the crap that’s on nowadays. 2003 was a good year for tv.
why this kind of stuff gets canceled after two seasons, while parks and recreation lives on for four years and counting, i’ll never know. #sigh
and it ends right when the devil comes into play too. at least from what i remember; i haven’t gotten that far yet.
thus ends my thoughts and gets me back to watching one more episode so i can go to sleep. =]


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