a soccer-related stream of consciousness.

1. when people constantly refer to me as “keeper” i always wonder if they’re trying to sound all soccer-smart, or if they just can’t remember my name. ;]
2. grass+sweat+dirt=possibly my favorite smell in the world. any one of them by themselves isn’t good at all(except for grass. i like that), but all together makes me so so happy. but it may not beat campfires.
3. we have our first game in 8 days!!!!!!!! last year it took us five weeks just to get that scrimmage versus pfeiffer and coker(where it was freezing cold and raining all day, i played for nine minutes, we got slaughtered in both games, and then we went to that chinese place and elizabeth got lost, and it was the best day ever), and like two months before the season started. i’m scared…but so excited. we’re gonna have fans again!!
4. i’m the only goalie now…and while i LOVE getting to play all the time and never having to take turns with anyone…i don’t like not having a safety net. if you’ve seen me play, you know how i operate: the first goal sets the stage for the whole game. if i block it, i’ll be ok. if i let it in, i lose it. from then on i will let them ALL in. and the more i miss the worse i get. so i’m scared to not have anyone to clean up my mess.
5. i do feel like i’m doing way better this year though. goalie-wise at least. that happens whenever i’m around people who haven’t seen me play before. not sure why…i guess i’m not afraid of them. they don’t have any expectations of how i’ll play, whereas everyone else just expects me to usually suck and be really entertainingly excited when i accidentally make a save. with new people, i just play, and i’m good.
turnover isn’t always such a bad thing.
6. regan and jessie and paulina, I MISS YOU GUYS! we really need yall…and you wouldn’t have to feel half as bad for me anymore cuz i can block your shots now. =]
7. i miss coach paul…our new coach is great and all, and i’m excited about him(he was a GOALIE. i finally have someone who knows how to train me!) but just like when old camp staffers leave, it’s just not the same.


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