my opinion on the dad-shoots-his-disgusting-entitled-daughter’s-computer deal.
i may be biased because i wasn’t spoiled as a kid; if i was i’d probably be one of the ones overreacting and saying he’s an awful person.
my parents gave me everything i needed. by “needed” i mean i had food and clothes and a place to live and a ride to church on sundays. everything else, i saved my money and got for myself. if my friends were going to moe’s after church, i didn’t go to my mom and ask for money, i paid for it myself. i didn’t have a cell phone until i went to college(i agree that it’s good to have one once you start driving by yourself, but there’s no reason in the world a 13 year old should need one). i didn’t have my own tv or computer when i was a kid(those i probably wouldn’t have been allowed to have even if i’d wanted to save my own money).
and i’m not bashing them over facebook for that. or anywhere, since they were being totally fair.
this girl also seems to have everything she needs, plus even more apparently if her parents let her have her own laptop and keep replacing her phone. yet somehow she feels she has the right to complain about having to spend ten minutes a day doing chores, and thinks her parents are wrong to suggest that she get a job? (i really want to know how she ended up such a spoiled brat when her parents sound like they don’t spoil her at all)
kids today are such a mess because they don’t have to deal with consequences for anything. their parents threaten but don’t follow through. so, under any other circumstances, i would say that this guy was batjunkcrazy for actually shooting the computer(and totally wasting his money, he could have at least sold it), but since that’s what he said he would do, i applaud him for going through with it. it’s not that he just got angry and took it out on the laptop, he was just doing what he warned her would happen.
and i really really respect him for refusing to do any interviews or let his daughter go on the news, his reason being that she shouldn’t get attention for doing something wrong. i agree. (it’s like how the bedroom intruder guy shouldn’t be famous for something traumatic happening to his sister. do you think she enjoys being reminded of that all the time?)
but, the worst of it all is that thanks to the people who do think he’s a terrible father, DSS is asking to interview the daughter because they think her dad is emotionally abusing her. that makes me sick. one of my sweet campers(who will remain nameless) who i worry about every day is living in a house where no one loves her, but because she isn’t being physically abused or deprived of any basic needs, no one will do anything about it. yet this girl, whose parents obviously love her if they care enough to discipline her, is getting the “help” that my camper actually deserves. i’m so mad at the whole system right now.
anyways, all this to say: kudos to one of the few parents left in america who isn’t afraid to teach his kid right and wrong and how the real world works.


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