stories about life and God

christians and hot dogs.

i hate hot dogs. they look disgusting, most of them smell weird, the texture is totally sketch, and the idea of eating ground up, random animal parts and creepy chemicals just makes me feel like throwing up. from the taste to the weird color, everything about them is just repulsive in every possible way.
plus most of them are made from pigs, and i don’t eat pigs because that’s just gross.
my mom hates them for all the same reasons(except the last one. she never saw sherlock holmes, so she doesn’t have an aversion to pork). now and then though, she’ll get the ones that are supposedly kosher, have no weird stuff in them and are made from real meat and no pigs. and that’s just what she did for dinner tonight…but she wrapped them up in pretzel dough and made them look so good that i couldn’t help but eat one. and while they tasted just the same, at least the pretzel part was delicious. =)

the point: most of the time, i still can’t eat those even though they’re different from the nasty ones. they look and taste the same as all the others, no matter how much they claim to be better.

isn’t that the same way a lot of people see christians?

they see us as hypocrites, judgmental, close minded, insert other common stereotype here. we’re all the same to them. they get it in their head that just because they’ve met a lot who are like that, none of us can be different from the others.
but at least in the case of christians, it is possible, with a lot of prayer and patience, to convince them that there are legit christians out there.
whereas i will never be able to eat any hot dog, no matter how “kosher” they are, without feeling sick for hours afterwards. they will always all be the same to me. =p
just a thought.


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