stories about life and God

little waves from God.

when little things happen that make me smile or think, i imagine it’s God waving at me from across a room full of people. you know, like He’s saying, oh hey, i know your life is going great, but remember how much i love you? (they don’t count if i ask for them. they have to be unexpected. and they’re best when i’m already having a good day[actually that’s when they come most often] then it gets even better)

1. i was having one of my many “omg i need a hug NOW” meltdown moments at the end of last semester, and in the time it took to walk from my mailbox to my room(which isn’t that long, you know how fast i walk), i just happened to run into three different people who all decided to give me one.
2. earlier today, i was running late for work, i didn’t have time to put makeup on, my hair was a mess and i had on my laundry day jeans(and by that i mean my old ratty ones that i only wear when all my other pairs are in the wash). so i was completely taken by surprise when my friend came up to me and said “you look really pretty today.”
3. dr. olshine remembered my name at lunch today. i’m beginning to think that it’s a requirement for youth min professors to be good with names(dr. grant is too).
4. since i was at home all weekend and couldn’t get back until yesterday morning, i hadn’t done my philosophy reading(me and jamie and alex all share the book; i couldn’t really take it away from them for three days). i glanced over the chapter for the twenty minutes i had before class, and gentry proceeded to give us the easiest quiz in history, on all the things i happened to have taken notes on.


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