stories about memories

she knows who she is.

i cut out a line here and there(i mean, she didn’t show me how to be a man…keeping that in there just looks wrong. haha). my apologies to good charlotte.

sittin here and thinkin back, doing time when i was young
my memories good as day
all the time we’d laugh with you and all the time that you stay true to us, and i will say

said i thank you, i’ll always thank you
more than you would know, then i could ever show,
and i’ll love you, i’ll always love you, 
there’s nothing i won’t do to say these words to you
that you will live forever and ever.

you were my mom, you were my dad, the only one i ever had was you
even when the time got hard, you were there to let us know when we got through
you taught me how to understand the things people do
you showed me how to love my God
you told me that not everyone knows the truth

i miss you.


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