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philosophy, please go away.

-i do not like the original version of “bruised” by jack’s mannequin. i think it’s because i heard the acoustic version first, and listened to it for years before discovering that any other version existed.
-which came first, something corporate or jack’s mannequin? i can never keep that straight.
-i am a big something corporate fan. i heard them first, have all their albums, know most of their songs and like them better.
-but i just downloaded more jack’s mannequin, because i’ve liked everything i’ve heard by them(read: like three songs). it probably deserves a chance.
-i first discovered “bruised” on my friend meghan’s myspace. in 2007ish. when project playlist was the thing to have. that was a really really long time ago…
-it has 42 plays on my itunes. but it’s really more than that because all my music got wiped freshman year, and before that i had spent a lot of hours listening to it on repeat…
-i tend to be obsessive when i find a song i like.
-the number one on my top 25 most played in my itunes has 145 plays. the first 90 or so were in a week’s time. not kidding.
-unlike the other 24 songs, i am still not tired of that one.
-i just decided i can’t tell the difference between the two bands. except that i know all the something corporate ones…but did i not know that jack’s mannequin existed, and you played one of their songs, i would be shocked and wonder how something corporate had a song i had never heard.
-as sick as i am of postmodernism…i really do need to finish reading about it now.


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