just a thought.

just know that wherever you are…

i miss you, and i wish you were here.

i hate missing people. it makes me feel like i’m mad at them even though i’m totally not. i’m SO happy that they’re off doing big things. people are supposed to do that when they grow up.
and i want to be happy right now. i feel like a homesick camper, and homesick campers, bless their hearts, are dumb. (they’re too young to realize it so it’s okay for them, i’m not trying to sound heartless ;] ) we both have something big and fun going on around us(i have soccer and they have camp), but both of us can’t seem to get ourselves focused on the bigger thing.
ps, a few disclaimers: i’m not trying to throw a pity party. i know it’s okay to miss people. i know it’s not like they’re dead. and i know that people are supposed to grow up and leave and everything. i’m really okay…i’m just sad for now.


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