stories about memories

rainy days at ridge haven…

piggybacking off what i just posted about rain, these are some of my favorite times on retreats that happened when it was raining.

this was in 2010. my favorite retreat ever, even though  because  it rained every single second. and i really miss jumping in the cold lake.

also 2010. this was when we hiked in the woods for almost three hours. the time i slid like ten feet down that hill, and when we walked like a mile straight up that HUGE hill to get back, and we hopped over all those rocks, and we saw that deer, and it was the best saturday afternoon we ever had there.

2010. beth’s windshield wipers broke. and the whole time that we were looking for a place to pull of and fix them, wayne had out his video camera and was narrating everything. i miss him so much.

2008, my first time and my second favorite. i actually can’t remember if it was raining, but this was so much fun, i had to post it.

2008. me and jonathan were the best dutch blitz partners ever. and then connor was scared to play with me because he said i would yell at him if he didn’t play fast enough.

my first shaving cream fight!!

these two were from last year. that was the only year that it’s rained for real the entire time. like from the minute we got there to our driving away on sunday. every other year it’s been nice and sunny on sunday morning(figures, right when we’re fixing to leave) but this time it never let up.
back to the pictures. we had been playing frisbee for over an hour in the POURING rain and there was so much mud, and we got so soaked and dirty and then we walked all the way back to the house from the field. this is when i learned to never wear a hoodie when i’m gonna get soaking wet, no matter how cold it is, because it gets really heavy and super uncomfortable.

whether it rains or not…WE HAVE ONE WEEK. =D


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