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happy leap day!

the last time this day came, i got hired at camp for the first time, and i cut my hair for locks of love(i did that in 2004 and 2008, and planned on doing it again this year, but my hair wasn’t long enough).
but for a day that comes once every four years, i didn’t do anything particularly extraordinary today(although for me, going and promoting camp is the best way to celebrate any day!). in 2016 i’m gonna either skydive or bungee jump to celebrate; i figure anything to do with leaping off of or out of something is fair game.
one of my friends’ facebook statuses today said “i wonder what my life will be like the next time this day rolls around.”
that’s a good thought. most people say “how do you see yourself in the next ten years?” but really, leap day is a good milestone to base off of.
what was i like on the last february 29th?
well, i was in eleventh grade, loving my life, i had the best church and the best friends, i hated school, and i never wanted to go to college. i was gonna go to new york film academy and become either a director or a screenwriter. and i was looking forward to seeing if i would love camp as much as i expected.
i’m not only in college, but to make it even crazier i’m at the school i swore my whole life i would never ever go to. my friends are gone, even though they’re still my friends. my church fell apart; but thankfully God just gave me an awesome new one. nothing is like i would have imagined, had i thought to wonder what the next leap year would look like. except that i still have camp; that part i hope is true the rest of my life.
four years from now?
i really hope i’m out of college by then. at the moment i have no idea when i’m graduating.
i honestly want to still be at camp. if they ever open a position of “full-time publicist” where i can work there in the summer, and then during the year i’ll go to churches and get them psyched for camp, i have dibs on it; maybe in four years they’ll have one of those. =]
i’d better be married. seriously. i’ll be almost 25.
and more than anything, i really hope i have a little more direction in my life by then. a lot can happen in four years. if nothing happens in four years, that’ll be a big waste of my life. i want to have done something big for God by then. right now i’ve done hardly nothing.
so if nothing else, that had better be fixed. i want to live a much more purposeful four years than these past four have been.


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