stories about nothing and everything

up in the air.

warning: repeating myself. if you hate when i do that(on the unlikely chance that someone besides my mom is reading this), sorry.
spring break is in THREE DAYS.
almost more so than FINALLY going to new york city, i’m kid-on-christmas-eve excited about the trip home.
i can’t wait to be on a plane, by myself, and in the chicago airport for an hour and a half, by myself. i’ll be invisible; no one i know will be anywhere close. it’s gonna be the best people watching i’ve ever been able to do. plus it’ll be the first time i’ll be legitly on my own and alone. i’ll have to get myself where i need to get, and i won’t have any help. i can’t WAIT. i get to be a real adult for a few hours! i’ve always wondered what that’s like.
and i get to go to three new states! that is, if a layover counts as visiting illinois. but i’ll be in new jersey and new york, and i’ll get a real memory of being in pennsylvania(i went when i was five or six and barely remember it, and we didn’t go anywhere special, just a friend’s house).
i am ridiculously excited.


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