favorite blogs. by other people.

half the reason why i blog is because i love reading other people’s blogs. i thought, maybe other people will like reading what i write too.
mostly though, it was because britnie told me to do it instead of writing facebook notes. and i was so surprised that she read, much less LOVED, what i wrote, i figured i should do whatever she suggested. =]

and then today as i was catching up on the blogs i follow, i thought since i like when i get read, maybe they like being read too. so here are a few of my favorites.

oldenoughforfairytales.com(written by my friend’s sister who i’ve never met. i found it because one day someone from ciu shared one of her posts on facebook, and i found she’s so much like me that i couldn’t stop reading her. plus she has much better stuff to say than i do, so if you like mine, then you should definitely try her.)
livinonedayatatime.blogspot.com(written by one of my most favorite people in the world. she doesn’t update it anymore for now because she’s busy with the one below, but to really get that one, you should read some of this first)
britnieinsouthafrica.blogspot.com(even if you’ve never met her, the way she writes, you can’t help but excited about what God is doing. one of my friends who doesn’t know her said that about her. she got curious after i had told her lots of britnie stories and she looked her up)


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